LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer

LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer

 Scundi Investment Management, LLC is an independent, registered investment advisory firm providing excellence to our clients financial lives, advising on how to  build and preserve wealth with our insight and enhanced diversification models. 


SIM's professional network includes economists, accountants and attorneys, who together work to utilize these six axioms of wealth management:

  • Financial Structure
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Design (including Tax Optimization)
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Income Planning
  • Retirement Planning


LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer

LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer

LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer

In June, 1999, Lee began his career at Bear Stearns & Co. in the San Francisco Office. His work  focused on working with high net worth clients with concentrated stock positions. His duties focused on developing equity collars. Equity collars are a very common hedging strategy. The equity collar method involves the purchase of a long-dated put option on the concentrated stock holding combined with the sale of a long-dated call option.

In 2001, Lee was offered a hedge fund trading position with Sterling Johnston Capital Management, LLC. The move consisted of journeying a few building floors up from his Bear Stearns position.  

At Sterling Johnston Capital, LLC, Lee was responsible for trading  small -cap and micro-cap models for many private clients and large institutional money. 

In 2003, looking to the challenge of running a private Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Lee accepted a position with Stevenson Capital Management, Inc. as the Director of Trading and Business Operations. The firm consisted of three employees. In 2008, the firm was sold to a larger brokerage group. During Lee's tenure there,  the firm grew from 150 million under management to 400 million under management when it was sold.

In 2009, Lee started Scundi Investment Management,LLC  to focus on clients, their goals and income needs. Lee's investment style focuses on investing in Large-Cap Core Stocks within the S&P 500 index, bonds, and options.

Lee's hobbies include running, gym time, spending time with his family and quiet time within California's High Sierra. 

Lee grew up in Western Pennsylvania and relocated to California in 1998 after graduating from Washington & Jefferson College. 

Lee currently resides in Mountain View, CA with his wife and is the proud father of two daughters presently attending elementary school.


LEE A. Scundi, Chief Investment Officer


Free from outside influences. Independently owned. Our advice is intended to exclusively benefit our clients.


Markets may become irrational; our approach remains consistent and practical.

Not transaction based investment advice. We are a fee-only investment advisor.

Our investment professionals are committed to completely understand our clients investment goals and objectives.


Our firm was founded on ethical practices that strive to exceed our clients' expectations.